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Secure your data by uploading it on Recordskeeper

Let's learn How to upload your confidential data on Recordskeeper Blockchain in just few clicks.

Get XRK Token

If you don't have XRK wallet which you need to upload data on Recordskeeper Blockchain then you can create a new XRK Wallet by clicking here.

Or If you are already a registered user and already have a XRK wallet then you can simply enter your address here and continue.

Record your Data

Secure Blockchain Network

Enter your data identifier which is associated with your data and it will be publically visible on blockchain.

Enter your data, which may be in any format like JSON, digest, hexcode, text, e.t.c.

Review your Data

Please Review your data carefully and click on authorize to submit the data on blockchain.

Your Record has been successfully published !!

Transaction ID: #
Transaction URL :


Data Identifier Key


Enter your private key

Retrieve your Data

Enter your Record identifier to retrieve data from Recordskeeper Blockchain.

Publisher Address :
Record Identifier :
Record Data :

You can find all records related to this key here .

Publisher Address Record Identifier Data Date & Time (UTC)

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